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Procrastination station.

Well, I have a million and one things to do this weekend, but I am sitting here, going through old livejournal entries, trying to find old poems.
I am performing on Sunday at Tonight It's Poetry, but I haven't really decided what I want to read yet. It sucks that I am figuring it out the day before, but hey - that's how I roll.

I am eating nothing but leek soup this weekend. Surprise, surprise - I don't much care for leeks.

I have a midterm on Wednesday, and also a presentation to do. Luckily my presentation will be on music downloading. It's an international relations course, but I think it is interesting how different countries are responding to the same issue. One country has resorted to taxation, while the other has decided to take away the internet from people who pirate music.
Check it out: http://features.csmonitor.com/innovation/2009/02/04/across-irish-sea-two-bold-tactics-against-music-piracy/
It's almost midnight and I've just finished my last essay of the term. I wrote about Americans again - that's the third essay this year. I'm sick of writing about Americans, and about Canadians too. Citizenship...! (Think of me saying citizenship like that guy on the McDonald commercial who randomly says ART! on his date to try to impress her)

I spent Friday and Saturday nights pretending that I was going to do work. Then I got drunk one day by myself and another day with a pal. Finally I got to my essay on Sunday afternoon. It's worth 50 per cent of my mark, and I don't think I did too well.

I've been listening to a lot of Deathcab for Cutie lately. I'm feeling a little restless, though like I'm learning a lot because of all the essays I've been up to. I guess I feel stimulated and like things are about to change.

School School School

So I have three essays due this week and I'm really enjoying the busyness that comes with that. I know it sounds crazy, but I love when school is the reason I wake up early and go to bed late - it's so much more rewarding than waking up to watch Rosanne.

I feel like I'm living in my ideas. I'm writing one paper on the media and terrorism - how my career choice gives a microphone to terrorists and then skews their words, creating a "cnn effect". I'm writing another paper on American patriotism (and using some fun little Sarah Palin quotations for ammo...pun intended?) and then another one on how Chomsky's a dirty Marxist (that topic was assigned!!!).

Things are going well. I'm sort of feeling like I don't enjoy the Sheaf as much this year, I keep thinking about graduate school and how I want a research project to obsess over. I never thought about graduate school before this year, so it's fun to imagine. I'm really lucky that Adam is so accomodating, and he will likely be able to study pastries in whatever city it is that I choose to continue my education in.

For the first time, I'm not wanting to skip out of school to write articles. I'm wanting to learn, learn, learn so that I can write interesting articles instead of the fluff pieces I've been making for the Neighbourhood Express and the Sheaf. I guess real experience in journalism has shown me what kind of journalist I really want to be. 

I'm so fucking happy I chose to pursue a Political Studies degree. It's so pertinent to what I want to do for a living!


Shitty Shit.

So, I spent my weekend cleaning my old place, then cleaning my new place.

By far, I did the most cleaning I have ever done. The walls at the Outhouse were covered with cat hair and piss, I had to clean them.

I cleaned cat pee in the cupboards, cat pee on the walls, and human pee in the bathroom on the walls. I even cleaned up several balls of cat hair.

This was the worst and most disgusting thing I have ever done and I'm not paying damage deposit. Also, people neglected to tell us that there was a leak in the basement, and a whole in the ceiling that drips water.

Needless to say, I am pissed off, and now I'm sick from all of the dirt, grime, and scum I had to clean up.

Also: I miss my old home. :(

Luckily: I have nice roomates. One has a nice TV and good talks, the other has nice jokes and good talks.

Moving in.

So we're moving into the Outhouse this Saturday and I'm excited. We've been living in mounds of boxes and food wrappers for a good couple weeks. I can't wait to set up in a new, clean place.

The landlord painted the outside of it so it looks different now. It's a yellowy-beige-ish colour. They are having the carpets cleaned, and he said he's going to put new shingles and a new little balcony on the house. It's pretty exciting.

If anyone is free to help us move, we're starting from our current place (645 University Drive) at about 1:30 pm. We're giving all the helpers pizza and beer once we've got most stuff moved, so I hope that is incentive.

I have 1 1/2 days left at this Research Communications job. I'll be excited when I can spend my time doing homework from my home, instead of sitting at a desk for far too long working on things that I'm eager to be rid of.

I'm excited for the new school year.

It's only right.

Well, I have a nice update.

I've realized that this is the first year ever I'm going to be supporting myself and putting myself through school on writing alone. In addition to the sheaf, I have a few freelance jobs lined up for extra cash (drinking money). YAY! This is really important to me, and I finally feel like I can be financially stable and still write for a living. It can only get better from here too, unless I write an article on how much I hate a minority group or something.

Which I would never do. Unless it was on how much I hate beards or people with light hair (right Amber? I'm with you on that one).


When I was 18, I got my eyebrow pierced. I told my dad ahead of time, and he threatened to kick me out of the house. I got it anyway and didn't get kicked out, but moved out a year later anyway.

Fast forward to present day. I took out my eyebrow ring on Sunday and feel naked without it. I have nothing to play with but my labret. My eyebrow now has two little war scars straddling it.

The good thing is that I no longer catch it on my towel every morning, and Adam doesn't hit it with his glasses anymore. It was getting to the point where he would hit it almost every day and was infected most of the time.

I sort of miss those clumsy jolts of pain.

Lost one

A few things are new. First of all, things have been awful for my poor family this summer. My dad had quadruple bypass surgery earlier this summer, and my little brother sliced his leg open with a skill-saw. My older brother Tom broke his leg, and his wife Erin stubbed her toe so bad that her nail fell off and her toe swelled up soo big that she had to get it drilled to relieve pressure. Ick.

We just found out last night that my nana (dad's mom) has only 2-4 months to live. My dad can't visit her because of his health issues, and "Travel is Dangerous". However, he may be able to work something out considering the circumstances.

I'm not really sad about nana. I've only met her once and our family never really knew her. We don't really know my dad's side of the family and it  isn't because they are evil either. They just live in New Brunswick (which may be considered evil to some). The reason I AM sad is because I never really got to know her, I really regret that. I also feel bad that I was so terrible at sending thank-you cards when she gave me money for my birthday. What an ingrate I was.

The garage sale went well. We didn't make that much money or anything, but we got rid of a lot of junk that we now don't have to move with us. Our landlord started showing our apartment and I hate that strangers are traipsing around my home while I'm at work.

I got home from work last night only to discover an old-lady stench. It was awful.

You must pay $3 to read this entry.

Hello, dear readers.

Adam and I had a very interesting date last night. We were driving down 8th to try to see what times movies were, and we saw this dirty hippy kid with a huge backpack and a guitar and a bunch of groceries. We pulled over and offered her a ride, and we drove her to her friend's place. She was really awesome and french, so I got to practice with her! After that, we went to the theater and bought our tickets, then decided we needed a drink to enjoy the film we chose. As you know, the only bar in the centre mall is the deuce, so we decided we'd suck it up and get a drink or two and be rowdy. When we got to the door, the guy told us there was a $3 cover. We thought this was retarded and were angry they missed the whole point of cover. A COVER IS TO PAY THE BAND YOU DICKHEADS. IT'S NOT FOR THE BAR'S PERSONAL STASH! Fuck that made us so mad. It wasn't like it was a lot of money, but as if I want to pay one of the shittiest bars in town a fee for nothing.

We went to Moxie's (Moxies?) instead and chugged a pint, then we drove back to the theater and smoked one on the way. We ran in just in time to catch Space Chimps. Oh man that was crazy. We were a little woozie and it was the funniest thing as a result.


I have a few other things to share this fine morning. First of all, I forgot my glasses at home today, and my eyes are burning from the computer only three short hours into my long day.

Secondly, I'm writing stories for the Star Phoenix, and I get to write one about my friend Nicole who is doing biology research at the Mackenzie river delta. It will be really important work when they put the pipeline in, and I'm super proud of her.

Thirdly, I've been working out like a mofo. Adam and I are on a healthy kick, and I've been exercising a lot lately. I've been burning a min of 700 calories a day lately. So that's been making me feel energized and GREAT!

I don't blog - I Jog.

Oh man! Today I woke up in time to walk Adam to work at Truffles, and then I jogged down the river on the west side. It was so beautiful out and there were all sorts of cute old ladies out for their walk who'd say, "Good mornin'" and smile at me. The light had just come out and it was so beautiful on the river. I even saw a really cute baby chipmunk. I jogged down to the university bridge and up it, then down the path to my house by Broadway. It was delightful.