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raises and such

We got raises! I can continue working at the Sheaf. All is well.

My computer at work is failing me. It sucks balls, as the kids say. I have a lot of work to do so this is really frustrating.

Adam, Justin, and I are likely moving into the shithole of memories known as the Outhouse. Oh my, what a change. I don't think Adam or Justin know the history, I'll have to sit them down and give them a lesson. All they know is that it smells like cats, and the carpets are worn down. Justin is highly allergic to cats, so hopefully it will be cleaned really well by Buck & co.

My younger brother turned 19 last month. Due to the fact that he sawed his leg at his construction job with a skill saw days before his birthday, we postponed until today. Wings and Beer! Hayyy-oo!

Apparently my sins are forgiven.

I am feeling a little lethargic. I see other people doing what I want for a living half-hazardly and still others who picked up on opportunities I didn't know about. Those opportunity knocks-type folk are getting in the way.

I'm a competitive person, but I can't compete if other people have already been given the job.

I guess I'm upset that people are setting themselves up for success, but there are only so many scholarships and opportunities available for us writers in Saskatoon. Take what you need and that's it, man.

I am really in debt and need the help but scholarships go to people who live with their parents and don't have to pay for their own school.

Maybe that should be taken into consideration?


Forgive me blogger for I have sinned...

It has been over a year (probably two) since I have had my last post.

I'm just wondering if anyone uses livejournal anymore, or if I should seek solace with a blogger account or something similar.
I'm also realizing that most of you probably do not know what my life consists of anymore.

Well, rather than being sad about it, I'll just catch you up quickly -

Adam and I live in a big pink house. We love it but are being kicked out in September because our landlord is raising the rent $400. It sucks because it's our love nest and we have a cool balcony where we can see the river and can throw snowballs at kids coming out of church.

I'm working at the Sheaf still, and we're working on getting raises. I am not being paid enough to even cover my rent, which is ridiculous since I work 30 + hours a week, which doesn't leave much time for school work and another job. I find out in two days whether our fee increase went through or not.

I'm still really in love.

I don't write much anymore, and I'm sad about this. I work on campus writing stories and press releases and things, and the last thing I want to do when I get home is write. Although... I did write a poem about a leaf last night. One that "perched on a birch (in the back)".

The only other things I can think of are that I've gained 20 pounds since Adam moved in because he is the pastry cook at Truffles Bistro and I love his work. Also, I have my natural hair colour back, and with bangs.

That is all. Life seems empty after reading this post. Bangs, psshaw.

I feel hot and feverish.

I'm a little sick today, and feel warm and feverish. I feel like watching the Godfather and pretending I'm a gangster, smoking a cigarette and pretending I belong to Italy.

I'm listening to this really eccentric noise band called Boogie Boarder and trying to come  up with questions to ask about Spoken Word.

I wish I were independently wealthy.

Big News!

Alright I have some news for you all!!!

1) I am the new Public/Opinions editor over at The Sheaf! Whoop! I am excited though a little nervous about all the work that will go into it. Luckily I am friends with some excellent writers. bwaha. If anyone is interested in writing for the Sheaf, I could really use your help. Email me at public@thesheaf.com The first issue I'm working on comes out on the 24th, so I could really use some help.

2) I FINALLY got a phone. I haven't had one since February and it was about time. Send me a message if you'd like my number.

3) I am getting freckles and lighter hair from being outside so much. SUMMER IS HERE!!!

Things go up and down.

So I have lost 17 pounds since January, and I bought a new pair of skinny jeans the other day that are three sizes smaller than the last time I bought pants. WHOOP!

I guess cutting out snacking and drinking water DOES help.

I'm going to the CFCR membership show at amigos tonight. You should all come if you live in the city, and look at my hot pants.

Ribbons and Shrimp

I bought a typewriter at a garage sale at my Grandparents' church. It was 5 dollars and it is amazing. Beautiful carrying case and it's the old non-electric type. The only problem is that I don't have any ink ribbons. Does anyone know where one would get those, or does anyone have any sitting around their attics? Please let me know.

I was very sick this week, but I'm on antibiotics now and I am feeling much, much better. I had to miss a lot of work, and I'm a little worried about paying the rent now though. It'll be a tight month. Matters were not made better by my decision to go out and purchase beer after beer last night at Lydias. I ran into a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time. It was really fun. I love living a block from broadway and being able to stumble home in the rain at 2 am. It's especially convenient for this non-driver.

Chris quoted me in the Planet S. I was sort of honoured by that even though he quoted a bunch of people. When my mom saw it, she reminded me of my grade 12 self.

"Why do people quote the famous dead guys in their yearbook quotes mom? It's so stupid. It's your time to say something in a useless book and you should write your own damn quote."

"Well you just think that because you're a writer Anne."

"My new goal- Get random kids to quote me. Hopefully in yearbooks."

You made my dream come true Chris!
 Two things:

1) Courtesy of Dean

2) C’mon it’s Junofest Baby!
The Boys were Bolder; Spilled Beer on my Shoulder.

    First of all, I’d like to say that the joke in this article is that there is no joke at all. Junofest is a serious business full of very serious issues. But seriously, one has to wonder what all the hype about this weekend’s activities was all about. Sure, it was a great opportunity for the economy and tourism in our city, but Saskatoon bent over backwards to accommodate b-list celebrities and those who consider themselves to be V.I.P. The down-to-earth attitude we are so proud of was thrown out the window and we’ve forgotten just what it is that makes Saskatoon so great in the first place.

    The first time I realized the Junos were bringing out the worst in people was when I saw the front page of the Star Pheonix on Tuesday. The article was about “how to dress” for the Juno activities, giving such buzzwords as “Concert chic” and “casual elegant”. If I know anything about fashion, which I don’t really, it’s that the local newspaper can’t dictate new trends. It’s the people who dress differently who seep with style and garner attention. Plus, having to wear heels all weekend almost killed me.

    As the arts reporter for CFCR 90.5 FM at the Juno activities, I was able to make my way into the press room and see the behind stage action of the weekend. The experience was frustrating and moments, and I realized that it’s not easy being a young journalist at an ageist event. The Junos showed me that as a young person, people are likely to treat me as “that cute girl who wants to be a journalist when she grows up.” Previous to the Junos, I had never experienced condescension from interviewees and contacts. A club owner of a downtown joint was especially rude to me on Friday. He didn’t have time for me or my inquiries, despite his coffee in hand and lackeys in tow. He told me to show up early for the show because I probably wouldn’t get in anyways. When I explained I had a press pass, granting me priority entrance, he laughed and asked if I was sure it wasn’t just a Juno pass that the hundreds of other bought. When I mentioned the event to some older friends of mine at a local media outlit, they claimed that the same man bent over backwards to accommodate them.

    I suppose I should be pleased that the Junos brought out such diverse crowds. It was great to see such differing age groups out to the same shows. What I didn’t enjoy was the ridiculous line-ups that occurred as a result. The venues did not exceed capacity, so the lineups were unnecessary and I deeply resented wearing heels and skirts. Once inside, the drinks had gone up in price from the usual. Unfortunately this didn’t deter the people who should have stayed sober in the first place.

    Another ugly part of the Junos is the aggressive crowds it draws to the concerts all weekend. I’ve never been so creeped out by all of the drunken males in Saskatoon. I was groped at the Odeon and propositioned several times despite my modest attire and boyfriend in tow. One guy spoke very inappropriately to me and when I told him off he shouted, “C’mon! It’s Junofest baby.” Indeed.

    Before the Junos came to town, I found people to be friendly and even supportive of a young female journalist. But along with the hype and misplaced priorities came some ugly prejudices. People were disrespectful, many drank way too much, and I couldn’t believe the inflated egos of people who aren’t even that important in the grand scheme of things. I did enjoy much of my time at the Junos; the music was impressive and the free alcohol in the press room was welcome, but I think we could have done way better to maintain our integrity. The Junos are an event that drop themselves on a far-too-expecting town and require it to adapt to its ways. I don’t think Saskatoon preserved its original nature. Telling young girls how to dress in the local paper, enabling aggressive drunks to physically abuse patrons, and treating young professional women like embarrassing country cousins are not things I’d like to air on national television.


Yoshi and I went out yestuday for some birthday colouring. I am now 20, not a teen and I had the loveliest weekend.

I am so lucky.

Check out my flickr page to see more of our adventures.


I feel useless and a little tricked. In my ideal life I would be sleeping in a lot and perfecting my past-times. The spring has tricked me too. It has jumped out and surprised me when I needed her most. Then she ran away and hid on me once I had fallen in love with her warmth. It's so cold outside and the clouds are weeping snow onto our cold bodies. What a cruel trick to play.

It's days like this that make me wish I still smoked; I loved that point in my life. There was an evening a year ago where I walked to campus, clutching my cigarette in the rain, so warm inside but so cold outside. I drank hot lemon water because I had no money with me.

It was the same when I went to Europe and smoked in isolation. I didn't know the language and my peers rejected me for my hedonistic thoughts. I didn't care about their approval; I just wanted to eat my gelato. On the rooftop of the nunnery I sat- Overlooking St. Peter's Basillica and letting my sin-smoke drift up to the heavens.

School will be over soon. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter I suppose. And my massage today was lovely.