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Read and Let Die.

26 March
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G'day children. I'm a good kid who goes to the university. I do my work and get good grades. I work at Shaw TV in a very good fashion. As opposed to bad, I'm involved in a lot of things, like writing for a good national paper, volunteering at a very good literacy center, hosting a radio show goodly, and just being good in general.
1984, a.c. newman, aldous huxley, aloha, animal farm, archie comics, architechture in helsinki, autumn, basketball, baths, beards, ben harper, big cities, bing crosby, black pens, brave new waves, brave new world, buena vista social club, burmese days, c.s. lewis, camping, catch-22, catching up on work, cbc, chuck palahniuk, cleaning my room, clouddead, coffee, coffee achievers, colouring, comic books, cousteau, crayons, cry the beloved country, danielson famille, decemberists, dill pickels, dinosaur jr., donnie darko, elliot smith, empty houses, family, final fantasy, finger painting, foo fighters (acoustic album), frank sinatra, frankenstein, freshly bought cds, frost on trees, gatsby, george orwell, germany, gershwin, getting letters, gislin poiye, gorillaz, graffiti, hawksley workman, history, interpol, iron and wine, italy, j.englishman, jack kerouac, jack london, jackets, jazz, john milton, joseph heller, journalism, jude the obscure, keep the aspidistra flying, lawrence ferlinghetti, lcd soundsystems, louis armstrong, making snowmen, mere christianity, metric, modest mouse, mogwai, movies; garden state, msn, munich, naps, narwhales, nick drake, nintendo, nothing nice to say, on the road, othello, paradise lost, pavement, philosophy, playing guitar, political studies, portishead, pride and prejudice, procrastinating, questionable content, rain, red crayola, sailor dan, salt and vinegar flavour, scary-go-round, school, scrabble, self, settlers of catan, shows, singing, steven maulkmus, sufjan stevens, supernintendo, swiss alps, tchaicovsky, tea, the album leaf, the eels, the flaming lips, the globe and mail, the great divorce, the great gatsby, the iron heel, the ladies and gentlemen, the mars volta, the new pornographers, the odyssey, the postal service, the shins, the strokes, the unicorns, the white stripes, thievery corporation, thrift shopping, tom waits, toronto, travelling, unicorns, vent kids, volunteering at read saskatoon, waking life, walking, warm beds, webcomics, wesley willis, wilco, william shatner, working at shaw, writing, yann martel